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This is the Afternoon Coffee Podcast with Mike and Tim.


A fun 30 minute escape to hear interviews with interesting people you probably have never heard of.

We're just a couple of guys in North Georgia that believe the best conversations involve coffee. 

Our podcasts are family friendly and will always offer up something we can learn from our guests.  That's really what keeps us doing this podcast!

We are both Voice actors also and our samples can be heard here...   and

If you know someone that you think may be a great guest, drop us an email, Facebook message or tweet us about it.  We are always looking for the next great guest!

Our social media links are at the top of the page.


Our Podcast is carried on these Major outlets

      Apple podcasts                            Spreaker

      I heart radio                               Podchaser

      Stitcher                                       Podcast Addict

      Google podcasts                          Castbox


      Spotify                                         ...and YouTube

We are proud to announce our newest sponsor


with shops in Ringgold and Lafayette.

click the picture to see their website and menu

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